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Blocked Sewer

Is water rising up through your sink or toilet, or perhaps your garden is flooded?

A blocked sewer can cause major drainage problems for your entire property, therefore, it is very important the sewer blockage is removed quickly. A member of our drainage and groundwork services team will first inspect the sewer and the location of the blockage. This is important as it will allow us to determine who is responsible for clearing the sewer blockage. We will never charge you to remove a sewer blockage that you are not responsible for (be careful as other companies will happily let you pay them to fix a sewer problem that you are not responsible for).

If the blocked sewer falls on your water supplier then we will help you to contact them and arrange for them to send a team to unblock the blocked sewer as soon as possible.

If the sewer blockage does fall within your property boundary then we will promptly attend to unblocking the sewer for you. Our specialist high-pressure water-jetting equipment will very quickly make easy work of that blocked sewer. During this process we will inspect the sewer and advise on its condition.

We provide a rapid response to all drain care requirements. Call now for a quote. We are a top provider of drainage services in Durham and surrounding areas.

It is important to know the difference between a drain and a sewer. Equally, it is important to know who is responsible for a sewer blockage. Citizens Advice summarise this perfectly here.

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